Cargo GSA Services

Sky Pacific operates as a General Sales Agent (GSA) with a dedicated focus on providing air freight logistics solution and representing interests of airline in different countries worldwide. Our local and global links of partner offer a reliable and high standard of expertise, allowing us to provide customized cargo logistic solutions that meet your requirements.

We are committed to providing our clients with real-time tracking regarding cargo movements from beginning of the journey to final destination. It is our priority to provide transparency throughout the process and to represent our clients in ways that most retain the airline’s identity.

Our adherence to international standards and practice ensures safety and reliability in what we do. You can rely on our exceptional services to fill your airspace as we aim to maximize and raise your business results.

Sales: our professional sales team will assist from sales calls, contract negotiation, sales reporting, customer development both existing and new to special promotion events.

Marketing: our marketing team will be able to support your marketing activities such as marketing proposals, local & international market surveys, branding and market segmentation.

Advertising & Promotion: our team will conduct various campaigns and promotional activities to ensure optimal exposure such as press releases, launch events, printed materials and conferences.

Financial Services: this service includes payment arrangements, refund process, billing & collection services, provision of bank guarantee & many more.

Legal Services: adhering to local laws and regulations is crucial. Our team can assist in ensuring compliance to local currency, local trading regulations as well as document preparation for authorities.

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