Sky Pacific Air Services operates as a General Sales & Service Agent (GSSA) with a dedicated focus on representing and supporting the interests of airline in different countries worldwide.

Headquartered in Bangkok, Thailand, Sky Pacific has expanded to become a key Asian player in the airline distribution & logistics environment, offering outsourced services such as passenger & cargo sales and marketing, reservations, finance and fare filing.

With airlines looking for global presence and cost reductions, we are working under our slogan “Serve Locally, Act Globally” by providing our airline partners with local knowledge as well as expanding and serving our global network of partners to increase our service efficiency, reliability and flexibility.


Our goals are simple but effective:

Airline-focused on distribution, cargo & passenger sales and financial services.

Targeting at improving our partners’ global revenue

Offering transparency and consistent international standards

Serving Locally, Acting Globally

We are also looking for ways to continually invest in business processes, operational resources and technologies to ensure that our experienced team of professional staff works with innovative tools to deliver smooth & seamless operations.

We believe that these improvements are necessary steps to provide a solid foundation and tailored solutions that meet our partner’s requirements.


Sky Pacific Air Services Co., Ltd. is certified as an IATA General Sales & Service Agent and a member of Federation of Airline General Sales Agents (FEDAGSA).

Serve Locally, Act Globally